Granny chat oom

Granny chat oom

Anytime there is a word you don't know in the lesson, refer to this comprehensive list.

== One can take just a few simple transformations to your English vocabulary and then acquire an Afrikaans vocabulary easily.

The pronoun section will clarify when to use jou/u/julle, which all translate into English as you.

The subject of a sentence corresponds to who is doing the action (She loves him).

U is the formal or polite version of "you", and is used when addressing an elder, your boss, a stranger or anyone whom you wish to show respect.

It is important to know that goeienaand is how you greet someone in the evening while goeienag is something you say when you're leaving someone at nighttime.

I do recall that it has been shown that postpartum can be possible trigger Dr. Eric: I think they are different manifestations of the same underlying autoimmune process. The labs have been uncooperative in my area to do a correct testing since they changed their procedures. Eric: Rochelle, have you ever had Hepatitis C or B? My mother has Multiple Myeloma so I am being watched for it and I see a hematologist/oncologist. I see my heart doctor every 6 months Ed Moderator: You said an extreme cold can cause a stroke..happens the vessels are reacting? The feedback I get is so amazing that there is such a need for scared people out there Ed Moderator: What type of work did you do in medical field?

I have been unable to get another positive Cryo test since. I use an allergist but we don't have an immunologist in our area. Finding a common thread Rochelle: You are right Ed, all my diseases came on in a flash, I know they have to be related. Rochelle: Cryo can affect the heart due to the thickened blood pumping through it. If the blood thickens enough it can thicken enough to damage the heart. We have not outreached to the medical field yet so I believe we will quadruple that in the next year. I mean, there is a diff between discomfort that may accompany vasc, but cryo is a whole different thing? we could learn a lot form the overlaps, IMHO Rochelle: Yes, recommend your group that has any cold sensitivity to get Cryo lab done. If it is positive, it could save them a lot of organ damage down the road.

My name is Rochelle Ray, Director of Cryoglobulimia Vasculitis Organization Ed Moderator: and we have peter from Australia , Bernie from Washington State.

Ed Moderator: You mean the cold temp of the eggs is enough to cause a problem.. Now a warmer climate also brings problems Ed Moderator: How so?

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The most obvious difference is the three forms of "you".

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