Hayley williams robert pattinson dating

Hayley williams robert pattinson dating

Oh, and a tattoo of the whole warped tour reminder, pretty awesome as well. Nothing extremely cool, as hard as it is to believe. : I actually like shopping more than people would think, but I'm not like a shopaholic. Then of course there are those typical things - pedophiles, child molesters, that kind of scum. Her thoughts wandered around, mostly wondering who she was about to have a confrontation with. : Twenty-one YOUR DEFINATLY: Last time I checked, female WHICH WAY DO YOU SWING? I have this awesome tattoo on my ankle of a razor, pretty beast right there. Something else I'm interested in is maybe learning some instrument, something more like flute or clarinet as opposed to guitar. : I can't think of some in particular that I do all of the time, except maybe Rock Band. Though I do know that I tap my fingers in some random pattern when I'm bored or impatient for something to happen. Definitely don't like those girls that claim to be in love with a different guy every week and vice versa. Great band, rocking parents, and kickin' boyfriend. She could tell that he was extremely close, closer than she normally found herself to be before realizing a vampire in the area. Her musical voice was relatively quiet though would be clear to another vampire.

Hayley Williams sported her usual colorful coif with a sheer black top as she joined bandmates Taylor York and Jeremy Davis on the red carpet at the Bridgestone Arena venue while preparing for the evening's festivities.

But I used to have my septum pierced, might get it re-pierced one day. I'm really interested in making music videos, I love it a lot and think it's just a load of fun. : I've been told that I bit down on my bottom lip a lot though I don't believe it, I smile to much. Okay, well not literally, but you know what I mean. Her large, golden eyes looked around the road she was on. " She called out, her faded Russian accent trying to peak through as she spoke.

FOR THE RECORD YOU LOOK LIKE: I'm like, a miniature size for sure. You could probably say I'm pale, but really I'm more on the border-line for tan. Honestly, I think it's like ten times easier to describe someone else...is like, evil. I mean, if I didn't ever go to school I would have never learned that much about music. Of course the typical girl wish, with the right guy riding off into the sunset on his might steed. Though that appeared to not be the case at the moment, as the scent of vampire was strong in the air.

Though don't count on it staying the same, as if you haven't noticed it tends to magically change. Oh, and my eyes are green as well if that has any importance. : A LOT of stuff actually, though I suppose that isn't too much of a surprise. I actually like, am really interested in learning as geeky as it is. Living on a tour bus even with guys - haha - is a lot of fun. ' That and the band splitting up because of something really stupid. That was naturally much easier for the vegetarian vampire to do having a fashion obsessed 'cousin'. Listening to the soft tap of her shoes against the pavement, Katrina took in a breath of air to see if any humans were around her.

I love reality television, MTV, that's all amazingly awesome. She did allow her hair to fall in her face though, covering a single eye from sight so he would hopefully not see that as the very first thing.

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