Quotes about dating a musician am i too intimidating to men

Quotes about dating a musician

who are capable of organizing sounds in this way, either when uttering them or when perceiving them.

We can hear music in the song of the nightingale, but it is music that no nightingale has heard.

Take any feature of music, boil it down until it is all but indistinguishable from a feature of animal noise, rewrite both in Darwinese and--hey presto--you have a perfectly formed functional explanation of the musical life.

“Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music “says Sergei Rachmaninov.And I think it's helped me write songs that I wouldn't have written if I were going at the technical way.Because they go, "Oh, you can't go from this chord to that chord.But the primary purpose of music is neither instruction nor culture but pleasure; and this is an all-sufficient purpose.Though I am not endowed with an ear to seize those earthly harmonies, which to some devout souls have seemed, as it were, the broken echoes of the heavenly choir--I apprehend that there is a law in music, disobedience whereunto would bring us in our singing to the level of shrieking maniacs or howling beasts. And my mom is this classically trained person, and I went the other way.

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It is one thing to get all the notes right; any number of unsocialized conservatory prodigies can do that.

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